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    Product Name:Eradicating Problem with 7 Steps PDCA
    Product Code:7
    Product description:


    One common mistake that problem solvers experience is to think in every potential situations as problems and forget to define the problems as the first step of problem solving. Situation is merely just a circumstance and it is the cause that brings about a problem.

    This program provides a rational and systematic approach to dissect problems and identify their actual root causes. It also focuses on employing creative techniques to arrive at possible solutions. The ability to solve problems will enable you to make the right decisions at work, as well as in personal life.

    MMS will dispense tools that will help the participants in determining the root cause of their problems, through ways on how to decide the best decision based on the set of alternatives that the participants have. Organizations can further improve on their performance by developing their people to become effective problem-solvers and decision-makers.

    Who Should Attend
    This program is specially design for Managers, Engineers, Executives, Leaders and members of Improvement Activities.

    This 3 days intensive Eradicating Problem workshop will teach you several powerful approaches to uncover the real problems that are behind the events that are observed. It requires that you clearly define the variables in the larger system and then their cause-and-effect relationships, allowing you to find the leverage points that can clarify the problem. The only pre-requisites for this program is

    to have a desire to solve problems.

    Programme Objective
    1) Developed into a Skill full and Creative Problem Solver
    2) Able to eradicate the functional aspect of failures
    3) Able to systematically analyze root causes
    4) Able to Introduce effective and Innovative solutions

    Benefits & Expected returns
    1) Reduced recurrence of problems at the workplace
    2) More committed employees sensitive to problems
    3) Build employees analytical skills 
    3) Increased morale and ownership

    3 days

    Course Outline
    Please contact us for the complete proposal 

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